Sunday, August 20, 2006

Topics for test 3

test date:24/08/06, Thursday

8085 programming model- ie. the programmable registers in 8085
8085,8051 addressing modes:definition,egs
RAM memory space allocation in 8051,
Register bank select:PSW.4,PSW.5 bits
Stacks in 8085 and 8051 - PUSH and POP instruction
How does an 8085 based single board micrcocomputer(ie is a microprocessor trainer kit) work? - read the section from Ramesh S.Goankar's text (Section 3.6) and appendix B

Topics for test 2

test date:22/08/06,Tuesday

Memory map
memory address decoding using NAND gates, Decoders
Tristate Devices
comparison b/w microprocessor & microcontroller
instruction cycle,machine cycle,T-state
Timing diagram of Memory read, opcode fetch,
control signals: RD-,WR-,IO/M-,ALE,EA-,RST,PSEN-

Monday, August 14, 2006

89C2051 datasheet

89C2051 datasheet


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